Don't Forget to Get an Oil Change

Bring your car to our auto shop in Baton Rouge, LA

Are you due for an oil change and oil filter change? Visit Tri-Care Automotive in Baton Rouge, LA. We'll give your car an oil change and replace the worn-down filter at the same time. After we finish the job, you'll have peace of mind that your engine is good to go for a while.

Don't wait until it's too late to lubricate your car's engine. Call 225-752-3700 now to schedule an oil change service at our auto shop.

It's important to keep up with oil changes

When your car's "check oil" light comes on, you should take notice. Overlooking an oil change or oil filter change could lead to serious problems. A well-lubricated engine:

  • Is cleaner, making it more efficient and reliable
  • Can decrease fuel consumption, saving you time and money at the gas station
  • Will reduce the chance of engine failure and increase the life span of your vehicle

If you think it's time for an oil change, bring your car to our shop. Our pros will fix the problem in no time.

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